Introduction of A Kind

So… I’m Veronica, V for short, I created this blog because… let’s face it, we all have things happening around us and we all want to be able to say what we think to it. I didn’t assign a particular topic to this little corner of the Internet of mine because… I write. I enjoy writing. I enjoy creative writing (suck at academic writing… no, I mean it, REALLY suck) and my head can be a rather scary place. So I decided to create a place where my thoughts can be free. Here. Now some people would probably ask “Thoughts on what??” and the answer is fairly simple. Nothing. Everything. Plans, thoughts, views, struggles, ideas and maybe even some of fruit of my imagination. You name it, you got it. I’m sure there are topics people might want to see from my point of view- or so my close friend says, so might as well try.

I shall post as soon as something sparks up my ranting skills… or find something worth mentioning.


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