Remember, remember the fifth of November…

… Gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot…

It’s the 5th of November, the Bonfire Night. For so many of us it is a good time to set of fireworks, roast marshmallows and celebrate…

But celebrate what? Your school textbook will most likely inform you that we are celebrating the fact that Guy Fawkes was stopped. Feel free to believe them if you’re so inclined or your personal beliefs make you do so.


I celebrate the memory of a last man who walked into the parliament building with true intentions and will to stand up and die for what he believed. Whether his views and beliefs were “right”, “wrong” or maybe even deluded we’ll never truly know since only Mr. Fawkes knew the truth.

Now let’s look at it from more contemporary concept. How many people died for their beliefs since then? How many people whose names we don’t know. People who watched the world around them with horror and instead of bowing their heads stood up and said “something’s gotta change!”.

V said: There is something seriously wrong with this country.

I say; there’s something bloody wrong with this world.

I’m not saying we should blow up the parliament or kill people for what WE believe in, but maybe it’s time to stop sitting on our arses and whining about everything that’s wrong around us. Maybe just maybe it really is time to act. Send the message to those around us. Message to people that they should not be afraid of standing up for their beliefs. Message to politicians explaining that they are doing difficult job… but they also suck at it. That they have become hungry for money and power. Every authority has become corrupt and it does no longer to seem to be about what’s good for people and countries.

There are many conspiracy theories going around. Does the government really lie to us at every step? Did they use cover of terrorism to exercise their power and control over people? I don’t know. I have no solid evidence one way or the other but I do know that most authorities will tell you what suits them best. What they are most likely to benefit from, and it disgusts me.

Governments limit access to information and knowledge, the only version of most stories they’re happy with is their own. It applies to most large companies but… is this what running a country became? Running a business?

“Budget cuts are a necessity” claims every politician, so it’s cut, hospitals, schools, job centres, youth centres, community support organisations, mental health facilities, research facilities… the list goes on but… when was the last time we heard of MPs getting their wages cut? A Prime Minister on National Minimun? *dramatic gasp*.

And these are the people talking about people “sapping tax payer’s money” by not having a job or not being able to afford their education.

People with serious disabilities being forced to live off ridiculous amounts.

There are countries considering themselves “advanced” and “civilised” where people still suffer from extreme poverty because their government “can’t afford” giving them support, where people die of treatable illnesses because they can’t afford insurance or medical bills…

… And here is most of us. Watching it while sat on our behinds and doing nothing about it… Where is sense in that? More to the point: Why?