Why Social Networks should pay more attention to their users… Role Play and an Interview with Acheron Parthenopaeus



… So we all have ways and forms of expressing ourselves, spending our free time, comforting ourselves in difficult times. We form activity groups, join clubs and social networks. Identify ourselves with what we do and find it a very important to us. Things we hold close to heart. Our artwork, writing, pictures from that hiking trip… our Role Playing profile on a Social Network of choice…

Now I can see a few people who went: Wait, what??? On the last part of that line. Yes. Role Play IS an activity as any others, in fact Role Players build a subculture of their own! They’re creative, interesting and most of all devoted to what they love doing. Sadly they’re also a discriminated group. Let’s for instance have a look at recent banning and deactivating profiles of a well known Role Playing groups: DH Origins Family.

These guys have been Role Playing as characters from an absolutely brilliantly written series Dark Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon. To have a better idea about what they do, how they feel and how have they been treated I have interviewed one of their members. Role Playing as beloved Acheron Parthenopaeus here it goes:

V: so let’s start with basics: what is Role Play?

Acheron: Role Play is taking a character be it a book character that is from a published Author’s work like Best Selling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters books & characters or a self made character, one that comes from your brain & imagination & writing for them. You can write something called Para Role Play which is similar to writing a scene & editing it & posting it in note format on your page with a picture or you can write something called LIVE IMPROV threads which are scenes with other characters done LIVE & you play off of what each other writes. Here at Dark Hunters Origins Family we not only do both but we also allow our fans/family members to be a part of the action. We are one of the only groups out there who allow this, most are what we call READ ONLY groups where the characters are the ONLY ones doing the writing & the fans have to just read what they write …

THIS is an example of a Para Role play that I wrote a while back called STORM OF DESTRUCTION~ IRENE



September 11, 2011 at 5:02am

Standing on a sand dune in Cape Hatteras waiting for the truck that is filled to the brim with supplies. Kyle Peltier & Otto are driving it here but have been re routed 3 times so far due to the bridges being out. The amazing people of NOLA had given so much and so selflessly. Suddenly I am reminded of the days following my mother Apollymias sinking Atlantis and her destructive swath accross Greece~ almost like it happened just yesterday~ the sight of Atlantis being sunk into the Aegean sea – all of its splendour gone… its people gone… Greece lay in ruins. The stench of bodies decaying where they lie ~ no one to remove them or bury them. I look around at the destruction seeing the shell shocked and desolate look in their eyes as they try to salvage even the smallest of crockery or tools or clothing… anything … anything at all that might help them rebuild their lives . Mothers trying to quiet their children … Fathers trying desperately to find shelter for their families ~ all with their bellies growling like lions from hunger. The Gods finally locking my mother Apollymia in Kalosis just as she was on her way to destroy Mt Olympus. My mother coming to me in shade form as I hold a crying baby Charonte Demon in my arms not knowing who she was ~ she kept calling out for her Akri telling me her mother was dead and that Akra Apollymia had sent her to Katoteros to find her Akri – my mother appears and tells me that Simi is like she that has no one and that she would need to bond with me. Apostolos her mother was Xiamara the Charonte Demon who died protecting you & thus leaving her daughter Simi an orphan. Simi needs an Akri & she WILL protect you. I look incredulously between the toddler Charonte demon & Matera. Matera she is but a child… I stare slack jawed stunned as Matera explains that Simi is indeed over 3,000 years old that Charonte demons age differently than human children Simi might look to be a 3 year old human child but in fact is a 3,000 year old Charonte demon who is lethal & will protect you Apostolos. Simi and I spent the days following Greece’ destruction walking along the streets of a decimated Greece helping those we could – the destruction wrought by Apollymia was horrific and to this very day are scars that have yet to be healed. Hearing a horn honk loudly I come out of my stupor and see Kyle & Otto drive up ~ walking up to them – About time you two got here!! Seems almost like a millenia I have been waiting on you two~ bumping knuckles with each of them ~ lets get this bad boy unloaded. I look up as I see a few of the shell shocked people from earlier begin to come closer and am shocked to see a smile break out on their faces ~ faces that up until just a minute ago were filled with desolation all hope gone~ now having a purpose they are like totally different people ~ they begin jumping up offering help to unload the truck and offering to help organize the supplies. We all begin off loading the truck & I swallow a bit loudl. It is times like this that gives me hope for humanity…

V: and what is it to you, a hobby, a lifestyle, a bit of both?

Acheron: Well, let’s see… I am actually a University trained actor, but as most know less than 3% of any actors are working in their field at any given time. I actually came on board after Simi decided that she needed an Acheron that was played & one that would draw the fans/family members together, to be a leader, which is something, that anyone who has read the Dark Hunter books Ash is a STRONG leader & character. I like having Role Playing & writing as a creative outlet. It makes me a better human being & parent as most know that being a parent in this day & age is hectic and grueling. Also the fellowship that we have all found here at DH Origins Family both with fellow writers as well as the family/fans is remarkable. We have built an extended family / community here and we support each other. So for me it is both… a creative outlet along with a lifestyle if that makes sense …

V: makes perfect sense really. 

Some people claim RP is a “kids game” how old are you and other Role Players you know?

Acheron: Thanks.

Yes there are young Role Players, some in other groups are as young as 13-17… Here at DH Origins family we request that anyone be at least 21 years old unless their parents are fans/family members of our group & come to us & say that they have allowed their children to read the books at an earlier age & that they approve of them being on our profiles & fan pages… For the most part DH Origins writers are 21 plus. I myself am 42 years of age

V: and how long have you been part of the RP community?


Just an aside, Author Sherrilyn Kenyon is & has been a Role Player for YEARS… It was our Simi who is the reason that Sherri had her Barristers draw up the Role Playing Contract that protects Sherri’s characters & writing & allows us all to Role Play her characters with her blessing.

I have been a part of Role Playing community for over 28 years when I played my 1st Dungeons & Dragons but here in the Dark Hunter Face Book – Dark Hunters Origins Family over 6 plus years now.

SHERRILYN KENYONS NOTES TO RPG’S March 22, 2010 at 11:46am Sherrilyn Kenyon December 18 at 7:50am Report Hey sweetie, no one owns my characters except me. I am the sole creator and owner of all my universes (except BAD and Belador that I do in conjunction with Dianna). I just saw the mess through Twitter. I’m extremely flattered by your group and I am so sorry you guys are being harassed. I can assure you that Brandon is in no way affiliated with me, the MB staff or as far as I know any of my publishers. While there are legalities that are irritating (bad apples who ruin everything), I approached my publishers a long time ago about this and they provided me with language that will allow you guys to proceed legally and without being harassed by others.

If you would please add the official DH RPG badge to the site and this language as a note for others to read, no one should bother you. Again, I am very flattered you guys did this and the language of the statement is just to protect all of us. Have a great holiday!

Hi there! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who is interested in Dark-Hunter roleplay (RPG). You have no idea how flattering this is for me. It thrills me that so many of you are so enraptured with the world that you’ve taken so much time and effort to create worlds and pages, etc for my universe. However before I can allow RPG to take place, my publisher has demanded that we make you aware of the following and anyone who participates in Dark-Hunter RPG agrees to this by default. ~Sherrilyn Kenyon

For your records, here is the agreement you are making in order to participate in any Dark-Hunter role-play (RPG).

Thank you for wanting to participate in Dark-Hunter RPG.

By being added to the Sherrilyn Kenyon and/or Dark-Hunter website, myspace page or any other internet web site, group, loop or other entity that exists currently or in the future, you are agreeing to the following:

1) Sherrilyn Kenyon owns the Dark-Hunter universe and all it entails, but does not monitor any kind of RPG, loop, group, etc.

2) The characters, places, names, plot points and any and all other content contained herein are Sherrilyn Kenyon’s copyrighted material. She is permitting them to be used by others for nonprofit entertainment purposes only. Portrayals of these characters, places, and all matters contained herein do not necessarily reflect the characters, places, and all matters as portrayed in the works of Sherrilyn Kenyon. Anything portrayed herein should not be taken as fact or indicative of any characteristic of any character, place, or matter that may or may not appear in any past, present or future works of Sherrilyn Kenyon.

3) Furthermore you agree to all the following statements:

A. Sherrilyn Kenyon owns the intellectual property rights, copyright and trademark of the content of this loop/group/website/web page and her Hunter Legends and Dark-Hunter universe and all pertaining therein. The content on this loop/group/website/web page is made available to visitors for noncomercial, personal, entertainment or educational purposes only. The content may not be modified in any manner from its original post and the intellectual property notice must be included on every display and copy of the content. No other use is permitted.

B. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any right under any copyright or trademark of Sherrilyn Kenyon in the content provided on this loop/group/website/web page. All characters and series related terms are copyrighted terms of the Hunter Legends and Dark-Hunter series and of Sherrilyn Kenyon. The display of copyrighted terms, trademarks or trade names on this loop/group/website/web page does not convey or create any license or other rights in these marks or names. Any unauthorized use of these terms, trademarks and trade names is strictly prohibited.

C. Sherrilyn Kenyon invites you to join the chat, email loops and message boards on the Hunter Legends, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kinley MacGregor sites. These sites enable visitors to post comments, characters, places and other content to the site. If you post comments, or other content on the loop/group/website/web page, you grant Sherrilyn Kenyon and her affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sub licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such reviews, comments, or other content throughout the world in any media. You also grant Sherrilyn Kenyon and her affiliates and sub licensees the right to use the name that you submit with any comment, or other content, if any, in connection with such comment, or other content. You represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the comments and other content that you post on the loop/group/website/web page and that use of your reviews, comments, or other content by Sherrilyn Kenyon and her affiliates will not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party.

By accepting membership and/or being added as a friend or member on any loop/group/website/web page that pertains to the Dark-Hunter or Hunter Legends universe you agree that you have read, understood and acknowledged the above terms and agree to be legally bound by them.

Copyright notice © and TM 1986-2010 Sherrilyn Kenyon. All rights reserved. Dark-Hunter is the registered trademark of Sherrilyn Kenyon.

V: So I’d assume that Role Play is very important to you?
Before we move onto the most important issue in the current RP world, do you think RP interferes with your everyday life?Or has any other serious drawbacks?
Acheron: This is a hard question… For the most part I have learned to balance Role Play life with Real life. I am one of the lucky ones who has their real life mate Role Playing right beside them. I also can tell you a cute story… my teenager had a friend over to spend the night & I walked in & he had one of my Role Play profiles up & was showing his friend & he was like ” LOOK that’s *points to me & grins proudly* My teenager was so proud that his parent Role Played. I can tell you I don’t cross the lines when Role Playing, I am a writer, who writes a character & I enjoy the interaction with my fellow writers along with the fans/family members, but I have 2 distinct lives… my real life with my mate, my kids & all that goes with that and I have my Role Play life where I write a character & write with fellow characters along with interacting with our fans/family members.
V: Did RP actually help you through tough times?
Acheron: Most certainly did. I have been diagnosed with a genetic disease called EDS or Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome & it is a painful & debilitating disease & I can say that the community we have built with Role Play has indeed not only helped me through tough times but also our fans some of who have either chronic illness or some who have been diagnosed with things like Cancer who I can say they have inboxed us saying that reading our posts have helped them take less pain medicine & have made a horrible day brighter for them & I feel the same way.
Role Play is one of the best unpaid jobs ever.
V: So how would you feel if the ability to rp was taken from you?
Acheron: Devastated is one word that comes to mind. Losing that creative outlet & the community we have built here on Facebook would be devastating along with feeling as if part of my soul was amputated & losing our extended family & sense of community would seriously suck not only for myself & fellow writers but our fans … let me show you something…

***@@@***On September 3rd, 2013, your DH Origins Family posted this & asked you ALL to share it & post it as your status:

SimiDemon posted on Mark Zuckerberg’s LIKE page:

What would happen if ALL of your favorite “Fictional Characters” & Authors who used Pen Names left Facebook? The SimiDemon Xiamara Parthenopaeus & your ~DH Origins Family~ along with Rhage Son of Tohrture aka Rhage Ghardian & Black Dagger Brotherhood ~ Unbound ALL OF US seesFacebook becoming a POST APOCALYPTIC ZONE, with tumbleweeds rolling down the walls & not aYouTube link posted or pic shared, no laughter, no fun, NO ONE on here… What in Hades would THAT do to their precious STOCK?! FB & Mark zukerberg GET A CLUE!! Over 9 months ago quite a few of us who use a Pen Name had our long time fans sign a petition & sent it to FB to at least get a dialogue going & were ignored. Most of us want a safe place for our fans & fellow writers to post, but as of right now we don’t have any avenue open to us other than purchasing our own domain & start from scratch to build our own site. Please share this if you agree!! — (theme from “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” plays in the background) Last year this happened & we had over 500 fans / family members sign a petition that was sent to Facebook with regards to FB creating a Profile similar to what we have now but showing that they are Pen Names & FB just ignored the petition. This time we will be posting a YouTube music vid & Bloggers around the world will be posting about our plight en mass & we will be waving BYE BYE as we leave to our own, newly built, site, where ALL can post & write & be safe …

Please take the time to SHARE & POST again. At this moment, your DH Origins Family & our BDB Sister group are building our own Social Media Site for ALL of us, where we can have a safe place to entertain & play. We will NOT leave ANY of you behind! We want you ALL to come with us & thumb our noses at Zuckerberg & company.


Ash Parthenopaeus Pen Name Author


Ash Parthenopaeus-DH OriginsSeptember 17, 2013 at 8:32 AM Clears throat, swallowing loudly past a lump * Ahem, Brandi, Ash here from DH Origins Family. Your insight & passion & support means more than you can know. As we have ALWAYS said… THIS is the BEST unpaid job out there & what NEVER gets old, is when one of AG Sherrilyn Kenyon’s fans finds us for the very 1st time… to see their excitement, their joy… how elated they are to not only get to meet their favorite character, but to be welcomed into our DH Origins Family… to belong is something that no amount of $ can buy… I have been writing & portraying Sherri’s characters for over 6 years now & will continue to do so! Well over a year ago when FB really got bad, we had over 500 fans/family members sign a petition asking FB to create a profile much like what we have now but for it to be identified as a Role Play or Fictional Character account… FYI… ALL of DH Origins Family members not only have a well written Bio listed, but we also post SK’s letter to Role Players & our Bio’s state in BOLD FONT… Fictional Character of Sherrilyn Kenyon. We do NOT try to hide this… Anyways I digress, the petition that we had our fans/family members sign & sent to Facebook went ignored & unanswered… We would LOVE to stay on FB so that we can maintain our connection to SK, but we have taken measures & several in our group & our Sister group have now invested in our future… we are now building our own domain/site which will be for our Group/Family members & it will be a safe place to write. THANK YOU for taking this stand & voicing your support. PAX Ash Parthenopaeus ~ DH ORIGINS FAMILY Fictional Character

Holly Tink Chiveral-Alder November 27 Can Facebook seriously get any more lame?! I am a follower of the Dark-Hunter series by AG Sherrilyn Kenyon (I am a Menyon FOR LIFE!) So imagine how pleased I was to discover that there are character RP profiles here on fb!(hell! Even I WANT TO DO IT!!!) Which, by the way, has been declared ok by the AG herself! A young woman who RP’s as 1 of the characters first started this with this series is having her account taken away bc a twat waffle has nothing better to do then to report the profile!! Her RP’ing as this character has helped her overcome her shyness of talking to people, it has been more than a positive experience for her. This is a good thing, no?! FFS, why did you like the page/add them if all you’re going to do is cause trouble?! *rhetorical question*

SO ladies and gentlemen, if I disappear from fb for awhile it’s bc I told the little douche to GFY!

Tara Spalding I’m not going anywhere. I think it’s ridiculous that FB is allowing others to determine who stays and goes. They’re allowing people to post pics portraying pornography and abuse, they allow verbally abusive posts, but they ban Simi, and others who’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, simply because a few people don’t like RP on FB. It really makes me wish I had what it takes to come up with the “next big thing” that could knock FB right out of the market.

Lynda Barnsfather Lathrem Known Simi ever since I joined FB. She is as real as I am! 57 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

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Darke Side Psyche REAL FRIEND. 54 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

Colleen McClimond Give us back are Simi she is the real one someone is messing with her please see how kind and supportive she is to everyone here so please give her back her account! 54 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

Darke Side Psyche Simi is very real and loving, a great REA 54 minutes ago · Like

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Lexie Hyer Of course Simi is real.She is very loving,caring,and sweet.

Trudy Shaw Simi Xiamara Parthenopaeus is a real person and a dear friend. Please give her back to us. I am almost home bound because of medical problems and I can forget about a lot of my pain and problems when I get involved with her and the other roll players. thank you in advance for reversing your decision . 4 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Samantha Jensen Xiamara Parthenopaeus is more real than the creep that reported her as fake. Come on FB get it in gear and quit punishing innocent people because some stalking psycho is out to get someone. 4 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Gea de Vries i love simi she is the bestest!! friend you can have! she makes me feel happy and good! isnt that the meaning of facebook too make people happy?!!! well the simi does that for us!!! 4 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Karyn Norton Simi is very real and my friend. 4 hours ago via mobile · Like

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Sherry Driggers Auman Simi and I share long talks about personal matters of the heart and health. I have known her for years. We even sleep in the puppy pile together sometimes with our other family and friends. BRING MY SIMKIES BACK… 2 hours ago · Unlike · 3

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Pasht Kalst I started on FB 7 years ago due to Simi and her friends. I made a bunch of other friends then became homeless for a couple of years. I came back online fulltime last year and as a writer I trust Simi with my personal account, this. I don’t even trust my family with this account. She is a REAL person with a big heart, generous soul and a trusting friend. She is silly and loves to make the world laugh as she sees it. We all share a love of Sherrilyn Kenyon books but she is truly a REAL person not some robot or as many gamers I know on here who have multiple fake accounts. I could turn them all in but, I’ll let Karma deal with that. Why not focus on the gamers in Darkside Vampire games who have multiple accounts??? Surely you all have bigger things to do then bother with someone who has been around as long as I have with FB … almost lol She loves books and so do I. There is a fiction book club that even has a Simi are you going to go and claim they are fake too???? SomeParanormal Romance Junkies I think it’s called has a Simi does that make her fake??? You can’t just go around singling out every Simi there is on FB that will take a long time. I say start with banning ppl from posting hunting pics with their guns and animal trophies. There are better things to waste time on. More worthwhile changes to pursue.

V: Do you think role players should be treated the same way as other hobbyists/lifestylers/artists?

Acheron: I feel like Role Players are human beings who are creative as writers & artists & our family/fans & followings are REAL people with REAL lives who come here to be a part of a community which is the whole point of SOCIAL MEDIA, now isn’t it?

V: so do you think blocking them from using social sites under the RP names should be classed as discrimination?

Acheron: Of course I do. I think that to do so is totally discrimination against a Social activity that people come together & in our case we have our Bio’s listed plainly that we are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

I am re posting my bio so that EVERYONE is clear that our pages can have Rated R content which means:


If you have a problem with this type of content PLEASE remove yourselves from my page, it is not much to ask that you have been warned so reporting my page & getting it nuked after the fact is NOT COOL. Honestly if you read the books you know what you will find on our pages, enough said.


Fictional Character @Official Dark Hunter Character by Sherrilyn Kenyon- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE AUTHOR

This page is RATED R- For Mature Audiences only…. if you are under age … please delete this page… The themes are mature and there is blood and gore and violence- if you do not like the pages content please just remove yourself – thank you

Acherons pictures & writing are COPYRIGHT & PROTECTED if you would like a copy of one & have not been given one all you have to do is ask – thank you in advance for your cooperation with regards to his pictures & writing. Also anyone wishing to be tagged in a pic just let Ash know. Thanks

Acheron will no longer accept ANY FRIEND SUGGESTIONS due to new Facebook rules & regs if you want one of your friends to friend me you will have to have them send the friend request. Sorry but FB is making it harder & harder… Also if you answer a friend request & then FB asks you if you know this person outside of FB & you answer no THAT will get you both into FB Time out & possibly get your page deactivated by them.

NickName: Ash, Akri, T-Rex, Achimou, Apostolos. Pronunciation: Ack-uh-rohn Par-thin-OH-PAY-us Date of Birth:Human Birth May 9, 9548 BC & God Birth was June 23rd Height: 6′ 8 Worst Enemy: Stryker

I am Acheron Parthenopaeus the Final Fate, one of the last Chthonian Godkillers and the leader & wrangler of the Dark Hunters. I am the first person you saw when you woke to this unlife, I am the one who held your hand and guided you though your personal hell. I helped you, I understood what you were going through. I told you the truth and didn’t make it less painful and this made you stronger. I know down to your heart, nerve and sinew . To call me friend is easy, but do not think you will ever know the real me. To find out anything personal about me is impossible I am like a phantom wind that whispers through the soul. I am untouchable, unreachable, evocative, time has no meaning to me and my power is absolute, I am intense but also compassionate, a great conundrum a puzzle that is not yet meant to be solved, but it will be solved eventually like all great puzzles are. BUT NOT BY YOU. And as long as you accept that you will be able to trust me unequivocally and you need to trust me I am the one thing in your new life you can always count on.

I am also known a God and as Apostolos the beloved the son of the Goddess Apollymia The Great Destroyer, and it is told that I will and can bring about the end of the world. My powers include being able to erase memories, thoughts, events even time from your mind, from everyone’s mind. I have the ability to fire God Bolts, I can sense the presence of others, can disintegrate into nothing and bend the physics of time and matter, I am Omnipotent and Omniscient.

Like everyone I do have weaknesses and they include, my mother Apollymia, Stryker and this is only because his life force is tied to my mothers. My Daughters SimiDemon Xiamara Parthenopaeus, Katra Agrotera-Nana and my Granddaughter Mia. My beautiful wife Soteria Kafieri Parthenopaeus and our son Sebastos Eudorus. My former best friend Nick Gautier, and of course the Dark Hunters. The fact that I need to feed on blood or I will enter my Harbringer form, and the Atlantean Dagger, which is the only thing that can kill me.

The things I hate most is pulling my hair or breathing on my neck, DO NOT sneak up behind me, stand behind me, or touch my back. I hate not being able to see my own fate or the fates of those who I am closest to.

Even though I was the youngest when I died, I was the first Dark-Hunter ever appointed. I am also the writer of the Dark-Hunter Creed and of the Code we abide by.

Because of my Dark-Hunter age and the fact that I fought the Daimons alone for thousands of years, I am more phantom than real. I interact with the other Dark-Hunters on a whim, and my sage advice is often sought.

Eccentric and idiosyncratic to the extreme, I am a legend among legends. The Dark-Hunters never know what to expect when I enter a scene. I run the full gamut from friendly to intimidating to downright scary.

It is said of me that there has never been a mortal born who could equal my physical perfection. I possess a raw, rare kind of charisma.

To look at me is to want me. To see me is to ache to touch me.

Artemis herself once said of me:

I have been built to please, and trained to pleasure. Everything about me from the sleek muscles that rippled to the deep, erotic timber in my voice seduced anyone who came into contact with me.

Like a lethal wild animal, I moved with a primal promise of danger and masculine power. With the promise of supreme sexual fulfillment.

Sunshine describes me as:

He had such a deadly, graceful swagger. A predator lope. There was something intrinsically sexual about Acheron. Something compelling, seductive. Just being near him made her want to reach out and touch him.

It was as if he were putting off some powerful pheromones and at the same time, she was scared of him. He was like a lethal, beautiful animal in the wild that part of you wanted to cuddle while the other part of you knew he was just as likely to rip your arm off as he want to cuddle back.

He was magnetic and fierce and he made her want to run for the door

No one knows why I became what I did. Then again, no one knows much about me. Period. And I like it that way. Trying to get any personal information out if me is an impossible task.

No one even knows what my real hair color is.

V: do you feel that blocking their profile can affect their mental wellbeing?

Acheron: I think that it makes us feel like LESS THAN that we are NOT considered REAL PEOPLE & yes I think it affects us ALL in a way that isn’t good.

V: Does it also violate our rights to freedom and expressing ourselves?

Acheron: Of course it does. We are human beings 1st & foremost & we are citizens & we pay taxes. By having our accounts not only deactivated by Facebook & being told we are NOT REAL PEOPLE & them holding our writing & our copyrighted materials hostage they are violating our rights as people & as writers as well

V: Is Role Play an art? If so would you say profiles like yours should be classed as intellectual property?

Acheron: YES it is not only art & creative & YES our writing & our pictures are our intellectual property!

V: So basically anyone taking down said profile would be in fact damaging or stealing intellectual property, correct?

Acheron: YES! Our writing & photographs is our own intellectual property that we feel that Facebook & the powers that be are holding hostage & not allowing us or our fans access to us & our property

V: Do you think social networks should create an option of setting a separate account type for Role Players?


Yes… I filled out a Survey recently on Facebook when they asked me to & here is a copy of said survey answers :


December 11, 2013 at 12:26pm

Facebook made a HUGE mistake today, they asked me to let them know how I felt & had me fill out an online survey & THIS is what they got!! *WEG*

Facebook has targeted what they feel are FAKE accounts, Authors writing with Pen Names & REAL people who use their Maiden name as their middle name & deactivates them… Ever since going PUBLIC & trading on NYSE FB has tanked in my eyes…

The definition of Social Media no longer applies to Facebook. FB is missing a HUGE draw & THAT is the characters from various Author’s books & that REAL PEOPLE come in DROVES to FB to interact with these characters… Please open a dialogue & with these entities & let them stay on FB … you have chased away good people & more to follow as these entities are building their own web sites … SHAME ON FB for being the BULLIES OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA SANDBOX…

I say you have a section marked ROLE PLAYERS accounts just like regular profiles but marked FICTIONAL CHARACTERS… you have Authors left & right who have given permission, much like the NY Best Selling Sherrilyn Kenyon who has given her permission & celebrates that her characters are being brought to life & the tons of their fans who spend HOURS on FB playing games & spending $ who would NEVER even be on FB more than maybe 15 minutes a month to catch up on friends, who are now spending HOURS a day… seeing ADVERTS & all that FB has to offer… Don’t miss out on the ‘NEXT BIG THING” that could put FB back on the map of SOCIAL MEDIA!! Be the one that introduced this to the WORLD & see how many Role Players would come here in DROVES! Welcome them with open arms & RE ACTIVATE those Role Play Fictional characters with the caveat that they MUST have in their About section that they are INDEED a Fictional Character & which book series & Author , that way NO ONE mistakes them for anything other than what they are… I think FB Role Play could go VIRAL in a good way!! Thanks again for allowing me this time. PAX, Ash

V: Ok… now this might be a bit of a sore spot but… recently a member of your group called Simidemon Xiamara has been banned from Facebook, what were the reasons for blocking her profile and how do you feel about the whole situation?

Acheron: Give me a second to gather the info then I will answer the question.

V: *Waits a second*


Please take the time to post a comment to attest to the fact that you ALL know Xiamara Parthenopaeus (they demanded she change her name last month from SimiDemon Xiamara to just Xiamara Parthenopaeus) & that she is indeed REAL!! Anything else you can come up with would be GREAT! Please post below & we will gather them & send them to FB There are several that Simi says have known her since BEFORE Facebook back on a site that is now defunct called BOOK ARMY & they are here on FB with her too!!


For those of you who are not aware, SimiDemon Xiamara Parthenopaeus was reported as FAKE & put into Facebook Witness Protection aka DEACTIVATED… Her only crime was being a ROLE PLAYER!! Facebook is targeting not only ROLE PLAYERS, but AUTHOR’S using Pen Names & now it seems REAL humans who are using their maiden names as their middle name on FB & THAT isn’t allowed anymore either! Damn, when will this CRAP stop?!! Who next?!! They allow the Perv’s, the Pedophiles, the Neo Nazi Skin Heads who hate EVERYONE, the Sex Slave groups, the groups who prey on our children & yet, people who are ROLE PLAYERS, Author’s using Pen Names, REAL humans who DARE *gasp* use their maiden names as their middle name, they DEACTIVATE?!! This is INSANE!! We HAVE got to get the word out about his blatant DISCRIMINATION!!

Simidemon Xiamara Parthenopaeus-DH Origins Family received this from Facebook& their refusal to return her account has hit her hard. She requested both an email & FAX# for her Barrister to send letters & they REFUSED to give her ANYTHING that she & her Barrister requested. Bloody wankers!


Your account has been disabled for violating the Facebook Terms. Unfortunately, we will not reactivate your account for any reason.

Facebook is a community where people connect and share with friends using their real identities.

– Your account must list your real, full name and birthday. – Personal accounts must represent individual people only. It’s a violation of our policies to use a personal timeline to represent anything other than yourself (ex: celebrities, pets, ideas, objects, etc.). – Using your account created to repeatedly contact strangers for business or dating purposes is not allowed.

For more information about our policies, please read the Facebook Community Standards:


Please click on the link to view status of your case http://fb.me/22d0g4xHqzEEG3y


Piper User Operations Facebook

If you haven’t noticed but a certain Demon Diva aka Simidemon Xiamara Parthenopaeus-DH Origins Family has been reported AGAIN less than 4 weeks ago same thing happened, she was reported as being FAKE & Facebook had her jump through hoops & identify all her friends pics & DEMANDED she change her name from SimiDemon to Xiamara, go figure! Please take a moment to admire my cover pic & SHARE it & LIKE it & post it on your pages & groups to get the word out about this prejudice !!



Ash Parthenopaeus-DH OriginsSeptember 17, 2013 at 8:32 AM Clears throat, swallowing loudly past a lump * Ahem, Brandi, Ash here from DH Origins Family. Your insight & passion & support means more than you can know. As we have ALWAYS said… THIS is the BEST unpaid job out there & what NEVER gets old, is when one of AG Sherrilyn Kenyon’s fans finds us for the very 1st time… to see their excitement, their joy… how elated they are to not only get to meet their favorite character, but to be welcomed into our DH Origins Family… to belong is something that no amount of $ can buy… I have been writing & portraying Sherri’s characters for over 6 years now & will continue to do so! Well over a year ago when FB really got bad, we had over 500 fans/family members sign a petition asking FB to create a profile much like what we have now but for it to be identified as a Role Play or Fictional Character account… FYI… ALL of DH Origins Family members not only have a well written Bio listed, but we also post SK’s letter to Role Players & our Bio’s state in BOLD FONT… Fictional Character of Sherrilyn Kenyon. We do NOT try to hide this… Anyways I digress, the petition that we had our fans/family members sign & sent to Facebook went ignored & unanswered… We would LOVE to stay on FB so that we can maintain our connection to SK, but we have taken measures & several in our group & our Sister group have now invested in our future… we are now building our own domain/site which will be for our Group/Family members & it will be a safe place to write. THANK YOU for taking this stand & voicing your support. PAX Ash Parthenopaeus ~ DH ORIGINS FAMILY Fictional Character

True CHANGE & REFORM can only happen when you are committed & FIGHT for it & are BRAVE enough to take ACTION!! For those Role players out there who only want to bury their head in the sand & ignore what is happening to Role Players onFacebook THAT is their choice. THIS Atlantean God & THIS ~DH Origins Family~group choose to FIGHT for what is right & see if we can help CHANGE things for the better for Role Players across the board!!

V: Is Xiamara the only DH Origins Family member who has been banned?

Acheron: No so far Soteria Parthenopaeus, Jean Luc Tessier, Star Kattalakis, Wren Tigarian & Liza the Doll Maker ALL had their accounts deactivated & held hostage

about 18 months ago Facebook deactivated 95% of our group but we sent them a letter & got ALL back but Soteria & Liza & then about a month ago Simi got deactivated & had to jump through hoops identifying her friends pics & then Facebook DEMANDED that her SimiDemon name was FAKE & she changed it to Xiamara which is her birth name in the books & then they have now deactivated her again along with the others & NOT giving them back this time


*tries to remain professional*

 what steps have been taken to well…free them?
Acheron: We have sent letters to the person who is our Support person who when we try to gain access to our accounts that have been deactivated & for Simi it was Piper in Customer Support & we sent letters requesting that we are indeed REAL people & that we are NOT computer generated accounts nor do we SPAM walls selling diet drugs or stalk human beings etc & THAT is what got ALL of the accounts back before but THAT was before Facebook began trading on the NYSE & now THAT isn’t good enough
V: what were the reasons for deactivating Simi this time?
Acheron: They said she was REPORTED as being FAKE
V: is there anything me and people reading can do to help DH Origins Family and Simi?
Acheron:  As I have said we are trying to do this in a way that is NOT against Facebook rules & we honestly think that word of mouth, the media, Social Media & places like YouTube, Twitter, & other social media sites & Bloggers & Journalists spreading the word of these discriminations will be the one thing that might turn the tide & get Facebook to come to the table & start a dialogue & we all can meet & make this work.
We have built or own site from the ground up & will be doing a huge amount of our Role Play on our own site but we don’t want to lose contact with AG Sherrilyn Kenyon, Steven Warchild, Dianna Love & Alethea Kontis & wanted to maintain a presence on Facebook
Our fans started with us on Facebook & we don’t want to remove Facebook from the equation but they are forcing our hand & if that happens I can tell you THOUSANDS of REAL LIVE PEOPLE will be leaving Facebook in droves & going where Role Players & their fans are welcomed with open arms
V: are there any petitions we can put our name down on?

Yes let me get the links 

Also here is a group we started back when the first swath of deactivations started https://www.facebook.com/groups/257131797706911/ 

Quite a few Role Players are afraid to speak out as they are afraid that their accounts & groups will get targeted by Facebook if they do.


V: This isn’t right… people shouldn’t be scared to show themselves… 

what would you say to fellow Role Players as well as everyday readers as Acheron…and from yourself?

Acheron: Fellow Role Players need to get their heads out of the sound & their shell & they need to FIGHT in a peaceful way but FIGHT for their writing, their creativity & their Copyrighted materials!

As a parent I want my children to see that their parent fights for what is right & what is important to ourselves & in our world.

*not sound *sand

V: That definitely strikes some strings in my heart. Thank you very much for your time Ash

Acheron: You are quite welcome & THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview & allowing me to tell my story.


***Interview End***


So in summary:

Role Players are real people with real passion for a book, game, film…you name it. They have formed a vast and lively community that supports each other and enjoys what they do. Like any hobbyist community their love for their hobby/lifestyle has been known to be a source of comfort in difficult times and a way to convey their thoughts and feelings, allow them to free their own imaginations and dreams and even draw strength from their favourite characters.

Their writing and profiles can and often is a truly inspirational way to express themselves in a way that they can show to the world and help people feel closer with their favourite characters or more engaged in the story they love.

Most Role-Players will make it crystal clear that their profile IS a Role Play profile which makes me wonder how can a fictional character be reported as fake? If you’re obviously stating that you are a person who Role Plays a character and are able to prove that you’re not a bot you should be treated the same way as a person who states on their profile that they love to knit, are polyamorous, gay or play football.

Also… if most Role Players feel that their profiles along with anything posted on them are their intellectual property- after all they’ve put months and often years into creating and maintaining the profiles, making sure they keep in character and posting Role Play related fan-art and fan-fiction. Then taking that profile away should be classed as theft, inevitable deletion should be classed as destroying someone’s intellectual property. I honestly doubt J.K. Rowling would take nicely to someone taking away or burning the only copy of her next book. You wouldn’t do it to an author or artist-why do it to a Role Player?

Role Players don’t seem to be treated with the respect and understanding a lot of hobbyists/lifestylers/artists are which is more than unfair…in fact there’s a word for it…what was it again… Oh yeah… DISCRIMINATION.

Worth more than a bit of thought… Now I will be following the events of DH Origins Family and seeing how does the Case of Simi and Liza progress, I hope at least some of my readers do as well, and if the topic rings out to you, check out the petitions and DH Origin’s youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SimiDemonCharonte1

Great Thanks again to Acheron who allowed his time to help me write this post and providing the beautiful artwork used in the Free Simi Campaign as well as in the interview.