While we wait a lil bit of Fan Fiction

I am currently collecting material for the next article regarding the effects of Role Players being banned from using certain Social Networkts has not just on Role Players but also on people who read their stories and interact with them. And as a bit of an anticipation gift I decided to write a short story that some of the RP community might hopefully enjoy or even relate to…Here goes nothing.



Simi looked around the street. She had a nasty feeling that she couldn’t quite shake off, she stopped and closed her eyes for a bit as she “felt” around for her Akri. She sighed with relief. Acheron was safe and sound… She began walking slowly and realised that her vision is starting to blur. She took a deep breath and decided to get back home… only as she tried she realised…she couldn’t. No matter how much she tried to focus on getting home it felt like that power was no longer accessible to her. Terrified she tried to reach out for Acheron again just to find herself unable to. She was starting to panic. What if… what if something bad happened to her Akri?.. She tried to get a grasp and remember where the nearest Sanctuary is…Akri always said they were the places to go if she finds herself in trouble…

The next thing Simi remembered was a room. Dark and cold. She tried to overcome the blind panic and reach out to Acheron. She couldn’t do it. It was as if someone placed a shield around her shielding her from the world. 

“Oh, Akri…” she whispered as she felt tears building up in her eyes. She shook her head and tried to return to her demon form. That ability was unaccessible for her as well. She looked around. The room was solid and had no windows, gap under the heavy metal door was the only source of light. In a corner she could see another figure. She turned towards it feeling the anger build up in her again. 

“Have you done this to the Simi?” she asked as she leaped towards the figure. The person laughed bitterly.

“If I wanted to hurt someone I wouldn’t get myself locked here Simi.” an aged female voice responded.

“The Simi knows you! You made a Simi doll and it was all pretty and akri wouldn’t let me eat it because…” Simi stopped mid sentence and slid onto the floor where she sat cross legged “…akri…what if someone hurt my akri and the Simi isn’t there to protect him? What is he gonna do without his Simi…” sobs began to shake her fragile human body. Liza put her arm around the demon and hugged her like a little girl.

“It will be alright Simi…” she whispered trying to believe it herself…



Acheron woke up in cold sweat, he could sense something was wrong. Really wrong… He looked to see Soteria asleep next to him and swore. He should have been awake a while ago… why wasn’t he? He pressed the heel of his hand to his right eye to ease a pounding headache then quietly got out of bed and as soon as he put trousers on rushed to the children’s room..Both kids were fast asleep. The frown on Ash’s face deepened. If these two are ok… then a wave of cold fear struck him.

“Simi, return to me.” he said aloud as soon as he left the nursery. No response. He searched around for her for a while then took a deep breath to calm down and tried to reach out to her with his thoughts. He couldn’t. His powers seemed to be hitting a solid wall every time he tried to reach her. He clenched his teeth and flashed himself into Artemis’ temple causing all her handmaidens to scatter and run for the door. The Red Haired Goddess froze for a split second.

“What are you doing here?” she asked softly. Acheron crossed the distance between them.

“What have you done to Simi?” he asked through clenched teeth. Artemis looked at him confused.

“I didn’t do ANYTHING to…her” she replied slowly. Ash looked at her for a short moment. She wasn’t lying, he knew that much. He moved away from the goddess and was about to leave.

“What happened?” asked Artemis blocking his path. Ash considered telling her where to go but know that she can be of use when she wants to be.

“I can’t find Simi. I can’t reach to her either.” he replied shortly trying to maintain calm appearance. Artemis shook her head.

“That isn’t possible. Someone would have to toy with dangerous powers to block your contact with her.” she said softly.  “I will help you.” she added after she thought about something for a long while. Ash froze.

“I never asked you for help.” he replied slowly.

“I know.”

“What do you want in return?” he asked but she just shook her head.

“Nothing” she said and disappeared.

Acheron let out a long breath and flashed himself back home where he picked up his phone and called Otto. As he paced around his main hall Tory showed up in front of him. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked without further ceremonies.

“Simi is missing.” he replied softly as he walked past her to summon the Alexion. 


2 Hours later.

Ash sat down in a room filled with Dark Hunters, Were-Hunters and Squires. He knew he had to keep it short to protect his hunters from completely draining each other. He spent the last two hours calling everyone he could think of who knew Simi and who knew anyone who could know her. He even asked Savitar for help but the best the god could do was gather everyone there and offer to give them more time before they drain each other. 

“As you know my daughter, Simi, is missing.” spoke Ash in the tense silence. He couldn’t tell everyone who and what Simi was but there were the ones who did know amongst the crowd in the room.  Soft wind of whisper run throughout the room. 

Savitar watched. Looked around to see any hint of anyone knowing more than they let on… he couldn’t. He could see sorrow on Acheron’s face, fear and pain on the faces of weres, hunters and squires. Aimee Peltier covered her mouth, someone gasp, other one sobber. Savitar saw no lies. Just raw emotion. They all shared common goal: Finding Simi…


To be Continued…